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Penetration Test

Cyber attacks are costly and disruptive, and vulnerabilities are all too commonplace for most companies. A well-thought-out pen test assessment provides you with a risk- and fact-based overview of your security challenges and opportunities, helping you cope with the rapidly changing security threats and risks.

INFRAstructure cloud Assessment

End-to-end analysis and mapping of the entire IT estate, taking into consideration current deployment, usage, processes and data. The analysis will be the basis for the future cloud strategy.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cost savings are often associated with migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud. Unfortunately, the reality after such a migration often looks different. In many cases, companies end up paying up to 70 percent more than would actually be necessary. Therefore, it is important to analyze costs and identify and leverage potential savings in the cloud

Cloud Infrastructure Migration

Offering a Cloud Infrastructure Migration service helps organizations transition from on-premise systems to a cloud-based solution. This includes assessment, planning, execution, and post-migration support, aimed at minimizing disruption and maximizing cost-efficiency, while ensuring data security and operational continuity.

M365 Migration Services

M365 Migration service involves guiding organizations through the process of transitioning to Microsoft 365. This includes planning, execution, and post-migration support. The goal is to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and leverage the suite's comprehensive tools, while ensuring minimal business disruption and optimal data security.


We are creating a cybersecurity roadmap for your company, which is based on quickly identified facts from your IT environment. In this process, we can analyze your local infrastructure, as well as cloud services such as O365/M365, Azure, AWS, or Google, and assess their security risks.